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Roll Off / Temporary Bin Rentals for Construction Projects

Bin Rental Calgary | Roll-Off Bin Sizes

Roll-off garbage bins are convenient and affordable, with different sizes available to suit your needs. Select a size below to get more information and pricing.

4 Yard

4 yard roll-off bin rental calgary

12 Yard

12 yard roll-off bin rental calgary

20 Yard

20 yard roll-off bin rental calgary

30 Yard

30 yard roll-off bin rental calgary

40 Yard

40 yard roll-off bin rental calgary

Garbage Bin Rentals for Commercial Use, New Construction and Home Improvement Projects

Are you planning a large project that will require you to dispose of waste materials? Get garbage bin rental for your Calgary project with Environmental 360 Solutions. We provide roll-off bins at your job site, delivered on time and in the exact size you need. Roll-off bins are large, open-top waste and recycling bins used as temporary containers for home renovations, estate clean-outs, yard clean-ups and other large waste and recycling projects.

Environmental 360 Solutions offers on-demand, roll-off bins in Calgary, and area to effectively manage your waste. We bring to each job a commitment and a promise to recognize the value of your time, and to provide reliable, on-time service. We carry a variety of sizes to meet your needs. Give us a call; we can answer your questions anytime.

Roll Off Bin

Roll-Off Bins Calgary Counts on for Jobs of All Sizes

For our business and commercial customers we’ll provide the service to meet your daily operational needs. If you are looking for a Calgary bin rental, we have your solution. Our waste and recycling bins are suitable for construction sites, community complexes, plazas and strip malls, warehouses, box stores and any other long-term commercial requirements. Our Calgary bin rental service includes containers in a variety of sizes, from 4 yards to 40 yards.


Temporary Bin Rental for Special Events

Are you planning a special event at your home, business or community centre? Special events, especially those selling food, produce a lot of extra waste. Our roll-off bin rentals are the perfect solution to give you the extra waste disposal space during your event. Our team of experienced professionals can help you determine the correct bin size you will need based on the expected attendance and the type of event you are hosting. We will deliver the bin to your location for you to use throughout the event. Give us a call today for a quote or to schedule your bin rental.


Our bins are useful for the following materials:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom tear-out
  • Flooring and carpet removal
  • Other home remodeling and demolition projects
  • General clean-out of household furniture
  • Garage rubbish
  • Estate clean-outs
  • Tenant leftovers
  • Electronics disposal
  • Clothing materials
  • Construction waste
  • Yard clean-up
Competitive Prices

Our prices are very competitive and our service is guaranteed, including:

  • The rental period
  • Delivery and pick-up service
  • Or environmental levies
  • Or a daily rental fee either
  • Roll-off bins with recyclables will be processed accordingly, so let us know what you have for recycling!

4 Yard


12 Yard


20 Yard


30 Yard


40 Yard

4 Cubic Yard (heavy waste only)

Designated for use in the disposal of only one (i.e. commingling of two or more items being prohibited) of the following waste materials: concrete, bricks, tile dirt, gravel, sod, stone, rock, asphalt, metal beams. For disposal of multiple materials, please see the bins below.


12 Cubic Yard (multi-purpose)

Our most popular sizes, these containers accommodate virtually any small to mid-sized residential projects, at a height of 5.5 feet it’s easy to load. The average car can transport 1.6 cubic yards of waste per trip. That means these containers can hold well over 7 car loads of trash & waste, not to mention the savings on gas, time and other valuable resources.


20 Cubic Yard (multi-purpose)

One of our most popular sizes, these containers accommodate virtually any mid-sized residential or commercial project. At a height of 6 ft, it’s easy to load; yet it holds 3 metric tonnes waste materials and trash. The average car can transport 1.6 cubic yards of waste per trip. That means these containers can hold well over 12.5 car loads of trash & waste, not to mention the savings on gas, time and other valuable resources.


30 Cubic Yard (multi-purpose)

These are the one of the largest of all the e360s Roll-Off Containers. They are ideal for commercial construction projects, it’s the optimal size for large waste materials and trash removal during your next large project. The average car can transport 1.6 cubic yards of waste per trip. That means these containers can hold well over 18 car loads of trash & waste, not to mention the savings on gas, time and other valuable resources. 

Typically for commercial use only. Not recommended for residential projects.


40 Cubic Yard (multi-purpose)

These are the largest of all Environmental 360 Solutions Roll-Off Containers. They are ideal for larger home demolition projects and commercial construction or renovation projects. 40 cubic yards of waste — Let’s break that down. The average car can transport 1.6 cubic yards of waste per trip. That means these containers can hold well over 25 car loads of trash & waste, not to mention the savings on gas, time and other valuable resources. 

For commercial use only.


How it Works


Choose Bin

Choose the bin you need then call or book online.


Drop Off

We drop off a bin at your home, office, building or work-site.



Once you have it loaded just give us a call and we take it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have organized the most frequent questions we have received from decades of serving customers. Whether you are brand new to Environmental 360 Solutions / Calgary experience or are a returning customer – we have you covered. Scroll below to see how our services and pricing work.

Can’t find an answer to your question? That’s okay, get in touch with us and we’ll help you.

What can we dispose of?

We can dispose of construction waste, organic materials and general trash. Construction material is classified as anything used to build a new home or anything that you tear out when you are deconstructing an interior room in your existing home. This includes item such as drywall, lumber, bathtubs, sinks, cabinets, ceiling tiles, floor tile, carpet, house siding, windows, doors, insulation, PVC piping etc. Organic material is classified as anything that grows such as trees, branches, leaves, grass clippings, vines etc. General trash is classified as clothes, furniture, food waste, basically anything people collect over the years

How much advance notice do you need to deliver a roll-off bin?

Typically, if you order before noon, we can deliver the dumpster that same day, after 12:00 it will be delivered the next business day, we deliver Monday to Saturday.

Does the roll-off container have a door that opens?

Yes, all roll-off bins and containers have a door that swings open, it’s the first end that comes off the truck and the door swings open from left to right. The door is hinged on the right side and can be latched to the outside of the container for loading and must be closed shut when finished loading and we pick up the container.

Can you place the roll-off bin on the street?

You must first check with the City that you live in for permission, some municipalities require a street permit in order to place the container on a public street, in most cases, it’s fine as long as there is amply parking and no issues with your neighbours, typically citizen complaints are what initiate by-law inquires, so be good to your neighbours!

How high can I load the roll-off bin?

You can load the roll-off bin to the ‘level load’ marker, materials must be level at the top of the container, no overloading! It cannot be heaped up over the center and you cannot have material sticking over the top. Overloaded containers cannot be hauled, all materials must be covered with a canvas tarp for safety purposes during transportation. The following image is how NOT to load a bin:


Do roll-off containers come with covers?

No, roll-off bins are open top containers which means they do not come equipped with a lid or cover, upon pick up the waste materials are covered using a tarp system on the truck so that garbage doesn’t blow away while in transit to the landfill, it’s required by law.

How much space, width and height clearance is need to place a roll-off container on site?

We need at least 12 feet of width across and 14 feet of height clearance to drop-off a container.

Does someone need to be present at the time of delivery?

We suggest that someone be on-site at the time of delivery to instruct our driver where to place the container and to sign the Rental Agreement waiver in order for us to enter onto your property. However if it is not possible to have someone present, we can drop off the container assuming that you sign and return the Rental Agreement. It is possible for placement instructions get lost in translation therefore we encourage our customers to have someone on-site.

Will The e360s Calgary automatically come out to remove and pick-up the container after the rental period?

No, we do not automatically come out to remove and pick-up the container, you must call our office to have the container removed. We pick-up containers Monday to Friday, if you need the container for longer, just call when you are finished with it and will arrange to have it removed and disposed of. Payment arrangements must be made prior to removal.

Can I place household debris on top of a roll-off bin I'm using for the removal of asphalt shingles from my roof?

No, unfortunately you cannot commingle asphalt shingles with any other form of waste materials. Be sure to know what is going into the roll-off bin prior to ordering the container, we are available to answer any questions you have and provide assistance with your order.

What if I need to keep my container longer or have it removed sooner?

Please note all changes to your order must occur at least one business day in advance to allow for processing. There are no additional charges for keeping the container up to 28 days from the delivery date. You will need to call us to have it removed though, we will not show up to remove the container automatically, someone will need to email us or call us to have it taken away.

Will it damage my driveway?

The Environmental 360 Solutions highly recommend that the customer protect any surface where the roll-off is going to be placed with a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood. The customer affirms that any right-of-way provided by the customer (disclosed in delivery questions) for the roll-off container is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment and vehicles required to perform the service. The customer assumes all liabilities for damages to private driving surfaces, pavement or road surfaces and entire container placement site. The Environmental 360 Solutions shall not be responsible for any damages to any private driving surface, pavement or accompanying subsurface of any route associated to perform the service that was contracted.

What if I need a larger container?

Please review container sizes for assistance in confirming the best-sized container to fit your needs or call us for assistance.

How far in advance do I need to order?

Same day over the phone or next business day online. When ordering online you will see available dates displayed on the calendar. All online orders must occur at least one business day in advance to allow for processing. Please note there is no guaranteed delivery time, so if a container is needed first thing in the morning delivery should be scheduled for the day prior.

Is service available 24 hours?

You can order online 24 hours a day, however, all online orders must occur at least one business day in advance to allow for processing, deliveries occur from Monday to Saturday. Rush deliveries are available if necessary, please call and speak with someone in our office.

What if I need an extra haul or another empty and return or bin switch?

Yes, you can have additional hauls with your order. Please note you will be charged the full initial quoted amount for a second time for an additional haul, or an empty and return or a bin switch.

What if the driver comes for delivery or removal and I am not ready for the container to be dropped or removed?

Please note trip charges will incur a supplementary cost of $50 per visit from the initial quote.

Is it necessary for someone to be there when they deliver or remove my container?

It is not necessary to have someone onsite for delivery or removal of the container. However, please be as specific as possible when answering the delivery questions, as the driver will use their best judgment and place the container in the safest accessible area when delivering the container. If on-site contact is not available for delivery, you will be responsible for all charges involved with the relocation of the dumpster should it be necessary. For removal; the customer agrees to provide unobstructed access to the equipment on the scheduled pick-up day; if the equipment is inaccessible customer is subject to additional pick-up charges.

Will I be billed for extra weight?

Helpful hints to avoid service charges

  • Roll-off bins can only be loaded to the ‘level load’ marker, materials must be level at the top of the container, overloading either by excessive volume and or weight may result in additional charges.
  • Our trucks and equipment are of a heavy commercial nature that may cause damage to driveways, curbs, grassed and landscaped areas and areas of a similar nature, please plan accordingly.

Excluded Materials

The following are common items that cannot be placed in the roll-off bin. If you require disposal of these items please call us and we will make alternative arrangements for removal.

Hazardous waste, concrete, bricks, tile, dirt, gravel, sod, stone, rock, asphalt, metal beams, industrial waste, chemical products, herbicides & pesticides, radioactive materials, solvents, paint (except dried latex paint cans, no liquids), other flammable liquids, aerosol cans, propane tanks, engines, motors, oil filters, motor oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gasoline, antifreeze, appliances, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dishwashers, contaminated soil, tires, batteries, computers, monitors, televisions, microwaves, bathtubs, barbeques, fluorescent tubes and light ballasts’, railroad ties, medical waste, asbestos, animal carcasses, barrels, drums, ‘Hard to Handle’ materials.


We charge disposal fees and surcharges on all residential roll off bins.