A-SECURE FenceLine Rentals

Servicing Calgary & Surrounding Areas

Temporary Fence Rentals for Calgary Construction Sites, Special Events & More

Does your outdoor event need crowd control measures to maintain safety? Do you want to keep your construction site secure? Temporary fence rental in Calgary is your solution. Garbage Good Guy provides A-SECURE FenceLine Rentals with fence panels available in two heights. A-SECURE FenceLine can protect you and your job site from liability and is a requirement for a safe and secure worksite. A-SECURE FenceLine Rentals provides perimeter modular-style steel fencing that is ideal for construction sites, water and fire damage sites, and for crowd control at special events or at your business locations.

Protect Your Construction Site

All construction sites are required to have proper fencing for safety and liability reasons. A-SECURE FenceLine will provide a clear sign to pedestrians that only construction workers and authorized personnel are permitted into the area. As your project expands, additional fencing can be added to accommodate changes. Get in touch with Environmental 360 Solutions to discuss your construction site fencing.

Provide Crowd Control at Your Outdoor Event

Are you planning a large outdoor event with a high number of anticipated guests? You’ll need to be able to control the flow of the crowd in order for your event to run smoothly. A-SECURE FenceLine will give you the ability to do just that. We offer fencing in two heights, depending on your needs, and can provide you with as much fencing as you need no matter the size of your event. Our fencing rentals are perfect for concerts, festivals, business openings and more.

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Do you have questions about our temporary fence rental in Calgary? Get in contact with our team to discuss your project and your fencing needs. We can help you figure out the best solution. Call us today!

Serving Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Available in two sizes:

6′ tall x 10′ wide or 8′ tall x 10′ wide.

  •  Panels are stable and free-standing
  •  Panels are welded and interlocking
  •  Size 1: 6′ tall x 10′ wide
  •  Size 2: 8′ tall x 10′ wide
  •  Gates can be set-up as required
  •  Additional fencing during the course of the project can be added
  •  Maximum Ventilation Slots

A unique formula for a high-quality product

  • We use heavier material on our tubing for a sturdier panel.
  • We use a large base plate to increase the stability of fence.
  • We use in-laid mesh with full welds for a stronger panel and a cleaner look.
  • Our mesh is classified as “un-climbable” due to the size of the grid.
  • Lock pins are solid steel on the bases.

More Affordable Than You Think

The following items are included with your order

Man Gate

A narrow panel (3’ wide) allows easier site access for your workers (eliminates the need to move a full-size panel to allow site access).


or sites requiring increased security, 4-bolt solid steel anti-tamper clamps are installed between the panels.


For regular panel gates and man gates to increase ease of opening panels in high-traffic areas.