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Green Bins for Condominiums and Commercial Waste

Organic recycling, AKA food and yard waste, has been a requirement for condominiums, commercial buildings, and other organizations in Calgary since November 1, 2017. We have kept our focus on providing the best organic waste collection and pickup services for organizations, no matter their size. We are proud to offer the largest selection of green bins in the city with customized service schedules that make sense for your building and organizational needs.

Green Bin Options

We have the largest selection of green bins in Calgary, and are currently the only waste management company offering front-loader bins to keep up with volume and optimize your garbage room setup. Whatever your needs are, we have something for you. Our waste management team is ready to help assess your needs and provide a quote.

 Green Bin Totes:

Organic recycling totes are available in four sizes and can be used in various combinations for completely customizeable organic waste  solutions. We will work with you to ensure that the number of bins and frequency of pickups are optimized based on the volume of waste and the availability of space. 

95 gallon organic recycling green bin

95 gallon

(360 litres)

64 gallon organic recycling green bin

64 gallon

(240 litres)

32 gallon organic recycling green bin

32 gallon

(120 litres)

12 gallon organic recycling green bin

12 gallon

(45 litres)

Front-Load Bins:

The Environmental 360 Solutions / Environmental 360 Solutions are the first in Calgary to offer larger bins for the collection of organic waste. These green bins can be collected with a front-load truck, creating new opportunities and more flexibility with pick up schedules.

2-yard organic recycling green bin

2 cubic yards

(1,500 litres)

1-yard organic recycling green bin

1 cubic yard

(750 litres)

What Goes in the Green Bin?

Green bins are for organic recycling, also known as food and yard waste. By knowing what is accepted as organic waste you will be able to get the most from your organics recycling program. We will provide resources and work with you to ensure your residents, employees and customers know what goes in the green bin.

YES – Put It In

These items are all acceptable:

All Food (raw or cooked)

Calgary Organic Recycling | Food Waste

  • fruit & vegetables
  • skins, peels, pits & seeds
  • meat, fish, shellfish & poultry
  • shells, bones, & fat
  • eggs & eggshells
  • dairy products
  • bread, pasta, & grains
  • baked goods
  • chips, popcorn, snacks & candy
  • cooking oil & grease

Yard Waste

 Yard Waste - Calgary Recycling

  • leaves, cones & twigs
  • fruits & flowers
  • branches, clippings & prunings
  • grass & weeds
  • garden soil & mulch

Used Paper Products

Calgary Organic Recycling |

  • paper plates
  • cardboard food containers
  • pizza boxes
  • teabags, coffee filters & grinds
  • used napkins & tissue
  • wooden utensils

Pet Waste

Organic Pet Waste | Calgary Recycling

  • animal feces
  • kitty litter
  • bedding from cages
  • food, bones & treats

Other Natural, Untreated Organic Products

NO – DO NOT Put In

These items are not accepted:

Treated Materials

Organic materials that have been processed or treated with chemicals are not acceptable. 

Non Compostable Treated Materials

  • NO clothing, linens or fabric
  • NO cushions or pillows
  • NO furniture
  • NO stained or painted wood
  • NO pressure-treated wood
  • NO manufactured wood products
  • NO plywood, particleboard or MDF

Diapers & Hygiene Products

Hygiene products may contain plastic, chemicals or other contaminants and are not accepted in the green bins.

Hygiene Products - Organic Recycling

  • NO diapers or baby wipes
  • NO tampons or applicators
  • NO sanitary napkins or menstrual pads
  • NO cotton balls or swabs
  • NO makeup wipes or sponges

Plastic & Compostable Plastic

Other than compostable bags and liners, all other “compostable plastic” products are not acceptable.

No Biodegradeable Plastic

  • NO plastic bags
  • NO plastic containers
  • NO plastic cups
  • NO plastic bottles
  • NO styrofoam
  • NO plastic cutlery
  • NO plastic plates

Even if they say “compostable” or “biodegradable”!